What Strategy Will I Use To Do The Impossible?

When doing a challenge of this size it’s important to have the right strategy. Since trading hours for money will never get me where I need to be so I look at other ways to achieve it. Tactics where money work for you instead of working for money sounds far more logical. I have looked at a few different models to make money and I have evaluated them based on a few criteria and one was liquidity.

In my strategy, I have added a few different financial instruments which I find very liquid so I can get in and out in a breeze. Below you will find an overview of my chosen instruments and why I have chosen them.

Foreign Exchange Will Be My Foundation

Forex will be my catapult. In the foreign exchange market, you can create massive returns while remaining very liquid. This 6 trillion dollar a day market is one of my favorites and I’ll be trading with artificial intelligence robots. This means I’m freeing myself from trading which saves me time to do much more important things like optimizing my strategies and looking at the big picture of my strategies instead of zooming in on specific trades.

I’ll be macro managing the entire project instead of micromanaging it. I believe that this is where a big difference can be made. I’ll be focusing on doing more trades, higher returns per trade and doing more trades in my best performing currency pairs. This and treating it like a business should be me an edge when monitored closely.

This Option Strategy Will Protect Me From Disaster

Secondly, I’ll be using options to protect the downside of my challenge. If the economy crashes I want to be insured. I’ll be using options to do this. Every now and then I’ll be purchasing options on indices so when the next market collapses I don’t get wiped out in a breeze but I’ll cash in on it. It will be a waste of money if the market doesn’t collapse in the coming 5 years but if it does my challenge will remain intact.

Dividend Growth Stocks Will Create Peace Of Mind

When the time is right and the price is good I’ll be buying dividend growth stocks. The reason behind this is because I want to create certain stability in my challenge too combined with positive growing cash flow. I’ll be buying undervalued dividend growth stocks when I have extra capital and of course also when the market collapse comes and we enter a recession. It will be one big candy store out there.

Product Sales Will Increase Speed In My Challenge

I’ll be selling the trading robots too so you can benefit from my work too. I’ll be constantly monitoring them and improving them so you don’t have to. The sales of these trading robots will be invested directly into trading the markets.

Accountability Will Keep Me Going

To keep myself accountable I created this website where you can follow my challenge and show me some support. This way you keep me motivated and I’ll keep you entertained. You can read my blog, follow my financial forecast or check my financial statements.


I hope this inspires you to take action too. Showing some support inspires me so much and gets me going. I hope you like what I’m trying to achieve and I hope to see you back more often.

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