Options That Will Accelerate Capital Gain & Protect The Downside!

With money I earned through my income and my business income i’ll invest in options to catapult capital gain after which i’ll invest that money into dividend growth stocks.

Company / IndiceOption NameNo. ContractsCALL / PUTStrike PriceExpiration DatePurchase Price P.O.Purchase PriceBid PriceSelling PriceProfit / Loss

Column Terms

  • Company – The name of the company.
  • Option Name – The name of the particular option.
  • No. Contracts – The total number of contracts I bought.
  • Call / Put – The direction I bought so call if I expect the stock value to go up and put if I expect the stock value to go down.
  • Strike Price – The strike price of the option which you can also find inside the option name.
  • Expiration Date – The date the option will expire.
  • Purchase Price P.O. – The price per stock option.
  • Purchase Price – The price I paid for the options including the commission. Please keep in mind that I add the purchase and sell commission immediately since I have to pay it anyway.
  • Market Price – The value of the stock option on the market.
  • Selling Price – The price I received when selling my option contracts.
  • Profit / Loss – The profit or loss I made on this option position.