Dividend Growth Stocks That Create Stable Networth & Cash Flow!

Here you will find my list of dividend growth stocks which will be the fundamental pillars of my challenge. The reason why is because if you buy undervalued dividend growth stocks you have a very solid basis which generates a nice cashflow and stable profit over time.

CompanyNo. SharesCost BasisMarket ValueValue GainDividend (Prev Years)Dividend (YTD)Dividend TotalDividend & Value Gain Total

Column Terms

  • Company – The name of the company.
  • No. Shares – The total number of shares I hold of this particular company.
  • Cost Basis – The total price I paid for all my stocks in the company.
  • Market Value – Stock price multiplied by the number of shares I own.
  • Value Gain – The price of the position compared to the cost basis.
  • Dividend (Previous Years) – The dividend I received from this position in the previous years including last year.
  • Dividend (YTD) – The dividend I received this year until now.
  • Dividend Total – The total amount of dividend received through this position.
  • Dividend & Value Gain Total – The total amount of dividend received including the profit made on the stocks value gain.