On a quest to making a 100 million dollar in 5 years. Do you think I can do it or am I dreaming? Follow my challenge to see for yourself. I'll make it happen! The challenger is an investor, trader, entrepreneur and blogger on a mission. Products I personally use are Siteground and Strategy Quant.

Challenge Update Week Nr. 10

Did you like last week’s challenge update? What a great ride it was! Well, I got some more great news to show you. Last week was yet another great week with an all-time high both in forex profit as well as net worth.

To be honest, I already reached my net worth forecast for March and April. But I’ll stay humble and not be happy too quickly since March is still young and a lot can happen.

My robot opened two positions last week. He opened two BUY of 0.15 lots each. They took off immediately which is a comfortable place to be. It didn’t go into debt at all and ended with a big payoff of $640.87 total. It was a very nice trade.

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Challenge Update Week Nr. 9

Wow, what a week. It’s been my best week until now where I made cash in multiple ways. There was the foreign exchange but there was also manual labor. I’ll tell you everything that happened last week in this article. Since I’m running this challenge I found that some things are going easy and some things are not but on average I keep coming out ahead.

At the beginning of the week, one of my forex robots opened two BUY trades on the EUR/USD currency. The lot sizes where 0.11 each. He bought them at 1.08409 and 1.08417. They instantly took off and kept rising. It was an amazing thing to see since this is eventually my end game plan since I can’t work my way to a 100 million dollar so I’m going to use this as my leverage. I’ll let money work for me instead of me working for money.

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Challenge Update Week Nr. 8

Another weekly update of my amazing challenge towards a 100 million dollar. Are you enjoying the ride so far? I hope you do since I am. Last week wasn’t my best week. My earnings through manual labor were descent but I lost playing roulette and I lost small through my forex trading.

There were ups and downs last week where emotions almost got the best of me. With the coronavirus spreading around people are getting more scared and off course this affects the financial markets. Although my trading isn’t really affected by it since I use forex robots to trade which trade without emotion, it still impacts the markets.

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Challenge Update Week Nr. 7

Last week was a special week in my life. I was in Egypt last week to visit my grandmother since she is on her end. Unfortunately these things happen in life and they get you off track but it’s just inevitable. It was an emotional visit where many tears were shed. I saw my grandmother and to be honest I got that fighting mentality from her. And I’m proud to say this.

As you may understand I wasn’t completely focused but I did my best to achieve something positive last week. I must admit there were many good things that happened to me. Obviously I saw my grandmother and could say goodbye to her. And I saw my nieces and their families which was very nice as always.

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Challenge Update Week Nr. 6

This week’s challenge update is an even better one than last week. I’m so excited since everything seems to head my way more and more. During this week I received money as well as work and developed a small side business. I also received some bad news about my grandmother that she is on her last days so I headed over to Egypt on Thursday where I am now.

When I arriving here and meeting her I was also looking at how I could profit from this trip since I am on a mission to make a 100 million dollar in 5 years. And I remembered I bought some watches here last time I was here and sold them in the Netherlands so I decided to do the same with the only difference is that I wanted to have my clients now first since I don’t want to put in my own money first. So I sold 2 watches and probably some arm bracelets. And maybe a third watch too but I am waiting for confirmation on this last one. So that is very nice since this small side hustle is enough for this month’s target but off course I would stop here.

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Challenge Update Week Nr. 5

Yeah, this is my 5th week already and I’m still going and to be honest, I’m getting stronger and stronger every week. In the 5th week of my challenge I had a few good moments and a few bad ones. As expected of course since this will be a bumpy ride after all. I went to my mom to stay over at her place for a few days but these few days turned out into a week and probably maybe more since there are a few very positive developments over here.

I must say that sport wise, my exercising dropped somewhat since I came to my mom’s home. I’m not happy with this change although financially it’s heading my way much better. In multiple ways btw which is a very good thing since I’m running a serious challenge where I have a serious goal. And to reach this goal 99,99% of my sub-goals must be related to the big objective! So that’s exactly where I focus most of my time.

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Challenge Update Week Nr. 4

Are you enjoying the ride so far? Well, I am. This is my 4th week in the challenge so far and I had a nice week once more. I had made some adjustments but I am well on my way. When you are doing something like this you’ll find out along the way that you need to shift and that plans always get adjusted.

I thought that doing 10 things on my to-do list, would be easy to achieve but when you experience it in real life you’ll notice that 10 things is quite a bit since things have different time lengths so you cannot always do that much.

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Challenge Update Week Nr. 3

Welcome to my first update on my weekly progress so far. I had a difficult time adapting to my new lifestyle as a challenger so I needed to get used to it for a bit. That being said, here is my first weekly update on my progress towards a 100 million dollar.

Last year I decided that to do this journey I must quit old and bad habits. So the first of January I decided that to do this I must quit smoking, drinking and all other bad habits. The reason is that I’ll need all the energy to make this challenge a success. And after a few weeks, I’m completely sober, didn’t smoke a cigarette and actually started exercising on a daily basis. Every morning I wake up at 05:00 and start walking almost 6 km.

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Launch 100 Million Dollar Challenge

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my site and thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post. Today is the first day of my 5-year challenge to make 100 million dollars. Can I do it? I don’t know but I’ll give it my best shot. I’ll be exercising on a daily basis to improve my stamina as well as my health. I have quit smoking and drinking today so that’s positive and good for my health too. This is going to be a 1000% change of direction in my life!

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