Challenge Update Week Nr. 10

Did you like last week’s challenge update? What a great ride it was! Well, I got some more great news to show you. Last week was yet another great week with an all-time high both in forex profit as well as net worth.

To be honest, I already reached my net worth forecast for March and April. But I’ll stay humble and not be happy too quickly since March is still young and a lot can happen.

My robot opened two positions last week. He opened two BUY of 0.15 lots each. They took off immediately which is a comfortable place to be. It didn’t go into debt at all and ended with a big payoff of $640.87 total. It was a very nice trade.

He opened at the lowest point of the week and closed at its highest point. I’ll be creating some trading videos in the near future and I’ll upload them to my Youtube channel.

Manual labor wise it was not good at all but I guess that line of work will end anyway.

I didn’t work an hour this week because I had a small issue with my boss about having to work Monday or not but I made an appointment to call him Monday morning and he counted on me without confirmation which is not my mistake if you ask me.

Anyway, I arrived in Tunisia and I’m with my wife now. That’s why my blog post is a bit late this week. After not being together for 5 months I’m very happy to see her again.

Being married and separated from each other is a big sacrifice but I’m sure it’s worth it. We are in the process of bringing her to the Netherlands but these processes take time.

What Was The Bad News?

Like I mentioned earlier I didn’t work an hour this week which means that it’s difficult for me to add money to my forex investments but ok. There will be many more opportunities in the near future.

He wants me to come back though so I’ll be able to add more funds to my forex fund principal when I get back from Tunisia. And until I find another job I have this one to continue my challenge.

What Was The Good News?

The good news was that I flew to Tunisia last week and saw my wife again. We were so happy to see each other again. This is the third time I visited Tunisia in my life and I must say that I like the country.

People are very friendly and they have a very high level of hospitality. You’ll not be able to eat all the food they offer you.

Secondly, I had an amazing ride on the EUR/USD last week as I mentioned above. In the last two weeks, I completely ride the wave of the dollar dropping in value compared to the euro.

The robot opened two positions which completely dominated the chart from left to right. I think this is the true benefit of using AI forex robots compared to trading yourself where emotion can get the best of you.

And last but not least, I already reached my monthly target with this profit. Which is amazing since it’s only 9 march and I have the entire month left. I’ll update my final net worth at the beginning of next month as always since a lot more can happen.

So What Was The Solution To My Problems?

As mentioned before I couldn’t add to my forex fund principal since I didn’t make any money on the side.

Unfortunately but not problematic, but the more I add to my forex fund principal in the beginning, the lower my monthly profit margin can be since I started off with a profit margin of 24.5%.

I didn’t update this yet but probably I can already lower it since you can see on my financial forecast that I end up with over $362.000.000 if I can keep up with the 24.5% which is impossible.

And something else I still didn’t arrange is a replacer of my job which means I need to keep working for money in the coming time. Since I’m in Tunisia I must also admit I don’t find much time to work on this area of my challenge.

But when I get back to the Netherlands I’ll start with this right away. Selling stuff online will probably be my route to success preferable digital products.


You’ve probably concluded that last week was an amazing week. My best week so far to be honest in terms of making money through the financial markets. And since this is my ultimate goal I feel amazing.

When I come into the higher regions of earning money, I need this vehicle to keep growing since when I reach into the level of hundreds of thousands or millions I simply can’t work for money anymore to keep up with my monthly goals.

Work will consist of monitoring and tweaking and testing from that moment on. I’m also still learning about the strategy quant software since its quit complex software, to be honest, but I’ll manage.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and results and I hope to see you back next week. I have some more news to come.

What did you think of this week’s results? Do you see where I can improve or do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

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