Challenge Update Week Nr. 8

Another weekly update of my amazing challenge towards a 100 million dollar. Are you enjoying the ride so far? I hope you do since I am. Last week wasn’t my best week. My earnings through manual labor were descent but I lost playing roulette and I lost small through my forex trading.

There were ups and downs last week where emotions almost got the best of me. With the coronavirus spreading around people are getting more scared and off course this affects the financial markets. Although my trading isn’t really affected by it since I use forex robots to trade which trade without emotion, it still impacts the markets.

I also worked for around 30 hours to fuel my investments to increase traction. The work I’m doing is quite stable so I can get a lot of work this summer. The work involves cleaning Airbnb houses and the season is just starting. I also have another job waiting for me at my friend’s company where I’ll get a company car but this will actually set me back in income. The only thing is that I need the contact to get my wife to Holland since I married a beautiful sweet Tunisian wife.

I’ll be visiting her on the 6th of march. I can’t wait to see her again. I really miss her. Probably my three-week visit to her will affect my challenge a bit although I’ll keep trading since I only need to leave my computer on but okay.

What Was The Bad News?

Just like every week, there is always some bad news too but it’s inevitable, unfortunately. Just like a few weeks ago I went to the casino to play some roulette. It went okay in the beginning but then it slowed down and eventually causing me to lose around $200,-. A few weeks ago I also played and lost some money playing roulette and poker. So that creates a total of $350,- which I could invest in my financial engine. Lesson learned.

Like I said before my manual labor worked well this week although my forex investments were lazy. They first opened two buy positions which ended in a stop loss. This resulted in a loss of $79,54. It looked like I was heading for a small disaster last week but in the end, it wasn’t all that bad. After 2 days another robot opened 2 new buy positions which resulted in a profit of $65,22 leaving me with a small loss of $19,07. But I made this up this week (this is a very sick week) but that, you’ll read in my next weekly update.

What Was The Good News?

The good news is that my manual labor is still going well so I can keep funding my investment fund so that’s a very cool thing. I worked around 30 hours last week and this week it just continues. The hourly rate isn’t that high but it’s okay.

Another thing I see as good news is that I recovered from my forex drawdown of $79,54 last week. This gives me the belief that my robots are doing their work well. Yes, there will be drawdowns and yes, there will be wins but if I can remove emotions from the trades I should be making solid profits down the road.

And last but not least I booked my ticket to see my wife next week in Tunisia so that some very positive too. I can’t wait to see her and have a nice time. I need to start buying some presents in the coming week.

So What Was The Solution To My Problems?

When I look at my casino visit I’ll simply close my membership. I was looking for a quick fix which basically isn’t going to happen soon. So I need to take it step by step. This means I’ll close my casino membership which will work as a structure to deny myself entrance. This will certainly solve this minor problem.

The second problem in the forex will be solved by my team of forex robots since they are stable, never sick, sticking to the plan and are very disciplined. I have all the faith in the world they will work for me and not against me.

And another problem I want to solve is I want to increase my hourly rate for my work. I don’t have a solution for this yet but I’ll be working on this in the coming weeks. Maybe I should start selling more on sites like eBay or something. Since when selling this I’m not really trading time for money which increases my hourly income definitely.


So my conclusion of last week’s results is mixed. I have some good and some bad feelings about last week. I noticed that I certainly must plug some holes in the bucket but I also saw some positive things. It was certainly not my best week but I learned a lot. And these lessons are priceless too. Anyway, I enjoyed it and the snowball is rolling. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube but I also added Instagram and Pinterest to the mix.

What do you think of my week? Do you have any tips for improvement? What do you think I can do to increase my income? I love to hear your tips.

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