Challenge Update Week Nr. 5

Yeah, this is my 5th week already and I’m still going and to be honest, I’m getting stronger and stronger every week. In the 5th week of my challenge I had a few good moments and a few bad ones. As expected of course since this will be a bumpy ride after all. I went to my mom to stay over at her place for a few days but these few days turned out into a week and probably maybe more since there are a few very positive developments over here.

I must say that sport wise, my exercising dropped somewhat since I came to my mom’s home. I’m not happy with this change although financially it’s heading my way much better. In multiple ways btw which is a very good thing since I’m running a serious challenge where I have a serious goal. And to reach this goal 99,99% of my sub-goals must be related to the big objective! So that’s exactly where I focus most of my time.

So let’s dive into all of this week’s events. Like I mentioned before there were some nice things and some less nice things from which I need to learn.

What Was The Bad News?

After having some liquidity I tried my luck at the casino playing roulette. Roulette is a game with a very low house edge and I found that I know the game well enough to make a profit. After playing for approximately an hour I was up $175,- which is nice if you started with $100,- but my target was $500,- as a risk-reward ratio of 1:4. This was obviously too high since I went bust which eventually taught me something. Stop while you’re ahead. Lesson learned!

Another point which I’m not satisfied with is that I decreased my exercising schedule and I stopped working on my to-do list. These two things will be picked up from today on since I felt healthy and waking up early brings me loads of small successes.

Something else I learned this week and was also bad news since it’s costing me money is that I need to start documenting and budgeting better since now I’m still wasting too much money. So the coming week, I’ll be focusing on just this. I’ll be working on decreasing my transportation costs as well as my living costs. I’ll not be living frugal but I’ll be living within my means so I can expend this challenge faster.

What Was The Good News?

So was there any good news too? Yes, of course. There was enough good news. My friend for who I designed a website asked me to write his website texts too so this is 250 euro additional revenue. This will be converted to dollars which is $270,- so that’s very cool. And this $270,- will eventually be tens of thousands of dollars when I put them to work on the financial markets.

On the foreign exchange I also booked a small success. My team of robots opened 1 trade this week which left me with $71,75 in profit after paying $4,35 in swap fees. That was a whopping 10% profit on my bankroll. This is why I am in the game ladies and gentlemen. This is what separates the boys from the men.

And on top of this all, I found a job where I can work 7 days a week for a nice salary. This way I will double or triple the amount I banked in January. Which means I can almost reach my goal for the entire year. This makes me super excited since this is such a boost in my performance financially that I could maybe reach a 100k this year. And that would just be sick! Oké, back to reality. So let’s move on to how I will solve the problems I experienced.

So What Was The Solution To My Problems?

The casino part I will solve by going there less. This way I decrease the chance of a loss more. Secondly, I will play a system which also decreases the amounts of times I play in a session as well as increasing the chances I win since I play a certain system. I’ll be waiting for more optimal playing circumstances.

Concerning my exercising behavior, I’ll be picking this up today as we speak. I’ll continue doing my exercises wherever I am. Next month I’m planning on going to my wife and I’ll be doing my exercises there too. Maybe my financial part will freeze up a little except the foreign exchange off course but not my sports. And my to-do list will be made today too so I can continue being hyper-productive.

Today I’ll be also developing my budgeting system better so I can also manage it on my mobile phone. This way I can document everything accurately since January was just a mess that needs to be cleaned up and organized better. Step by step!


Last week went very well. I made around $500,- and this will be increased somewhat more towards $750-$1000 a week by this week. As Johnny Depp says, good mescaline comes up slow. There will be much more action in the near future but more on the financial markets since I have limited energy and time. So to increase speed and leverage I need to expand my reach.

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