Challenge Update Week Nr. 4

Are you enjoying the ride so far? Well, I am. This is my 4th week in the challenge so far and I had a nice week once more. I had made some adjustments but I am well on my way. When you are doing something like this you’ll find out along the way that you need to shift and that plans always get adjusted.

I thought that doing 10 things on my to-do list, would be easy to achieve but when you experience it in real life you’ll notice that 10 things is quite a bit since things have different time lengths so you cannot always do that much.

What Was The Bad News?

After beginning the week with a slow start on the foreign exchange I started losing some money in some positions. My forex robots were naughty and not paying attention. Since I’m only trading the EUR/USD currency at the moment they were opening opposite positions which make me make profit on some and make me lose on other positions.

The health side of my challenge was also not easy this week. Since I increased my walking distance to 7.5 km daily I experienced that it’s easier said than done although I maintained it and so my personal performance 2020 improved already. And I am starting to feel more healthy already.

IT wise I was experiencing a slow-loading server at Strato so I changed my host and now I’m on a WordPress optimized server. This switch made a very big difference since you’ll experience that my website is loading much faster now.

What Was The Good News?

There’s also good news off course. After yelling a lot to my forex robots they obeyed me and started to listen. They finally started to open fewer positions resulting in a nice $54 dollar profit position at the end of the week. That way I almost recouped all my losses of this week which is also profit. As Warren Buffet says: rule number 1, never lose money and rule number 2, never forget rule number 1.

There was also something else. I sold a digital product I created on eBay for $500,- which was nice. This way I could invest more into my foreign exchange brokers account which will help the compounding effect. So if you look at my financial forecast 2020 you see I already reached my January target by a clear mile.

And if you look at my financial forecast you can see that my 100 million dollar target after 5 years is now around 300 million since I achieved a multiple of this month’s target. My projection was 24,5% profit monthly on my capital but you see that if I achieve my goal easily the end amount grows also which gives me the possibility to lower my monthly profit percentage target.

And like I already mentioned above I moved to a new host. This increased my loading speed much and now my google loading speed is 99% which is amazing and will catapult my ranking potential in Google.

What Was The Solution To My Problems?

Healthwise I changed my wakeup time. I was waking up at 04:50 but this is simply too early. So I moved the wakeup time one hour later to 05:50. Otherwise, I experience exhaustion problems very early in the day which isn’t helping my productivity and could lead to me not achieving my goals. And that change works much better and is giving me more energy.

When we look at my forex part of the challenge I had to improve things so I developed a few new robots this week. I will add them to my MT4 trading software and see what the coming week will bring us. You’ll see that I will constantly weed out the bad and replace them with new ones hopefully better. It’s like running a sales team where you fire the bad and keep the high performers.

And looking at my server one last time I changed to Siteground as my new server supplier. They offer you fast and cheap hosting and they are totally optimized for WordPress which is very cool.


My conclusion of this week’s events is quite simple. Things went well and things went sideways. Since this challenge will be a complete series of optimizations I will get used to this very fast and you’ll see that when you get used to these struggles very fast that they will improve much quicker because you’ll be looking at solutions more than look back at the problems.

With that being said I end up with this week’s update on my challenge. What would you have done in my situation? And what can I do better? Do you think I’m doing all I can or should I push more?

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