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First of all, I would like to welcome you to my site and thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post. Today is the first day of my 5-year challenge to make 100 million dollars. Can I do it? I don’t know but I’ll give it my best shot. I’ll be exercising on a daily basis to improve my stamina as well as my health. I have quit smoking and drinking today so that’s positive and good for my health too. This is going to be a 1000% change of direction in my life!

I wake up at 05:00 in the morning and start my daily walk of 6 km. I am not jogging yet but I’m thinking about doing this. I’m not sure yet but the walking I’ll maintain since doing this already makes me feel much better. After walking for an hour or so I come back home, take a shower and start writing my to-do list for the day. My target is to do at least 10 things on a daily basis. Can you imagine? Doing 3600 things in a year and 18.000 things in 5 years! Can you imagine what I can accomplish? It will be amazing. If you see what I’ve done so far already and I only implemented this several days ago.

I’ll be talking multiple languages and I’ll be learning about multiple business topics. I’ll be learning much more about forex trading, dividend investing, options and algorithmic trading. I’m so excited that I can barely sleep. This will be my time to shine. I’m 41 years old so it’s now or never anyway.

Why Did I Start This Challenge?

The reason why I started this challenge is that I feel I’m missing out. The internal drive to succeed in life is so huge that I can’t keep denying it. People say we live in freedom. Well, I don’t agree. Go to the Maldives now. See, you can’t. Either because you don’t have the money, you have to work or you have to run your own business. This is what I call modern slavery. You’re not free. It only seems like your free.

So basically I am searching for true freedom both in time and financially. I like expensive toys like cars, houses and boats. So I need a lot of cash. And since I also have a beautiful daughter, a wife and family enough for whom I want to provide the pressure is high. So basically you can see there is enough incentive to do what I must to reach my ultimate goal and to reach my challenge! And the reason why I document everything online is because this keeps me accountable.

What Am I Going To Do?

I’ll be selling digital products, work manual labor and everything else that pays. And all this income will be invested in the financial markets. You should think about dividend growth stocks, options and the foreign exchange.

As you can see I’m documenting everything from my financial forecast, financial statements, budgeting to my personal performance. I’ll be posting my monthly achievements from my foreign exchange trading to my stock purchases. I’ll also be creating videos for my Youtube channel to show you how I do certain stuff.

How Will I Try To Achieve My Challenge?

To reach my goal I’ll be focusing my trading mainly on the foreign exchange. I’ll be using forex robots also known as expert advisors to trade automatically for me. They have no emotion, are never tired and they always stick to the strategy. To minimize risk and to optimize performance I’ll be trading as many currencies as possible so I get more stable results with fewer drawdowns and with fewer peaks since I want to grow efficiently.

While my team of robots is working around the clock I’ll be creating products to sell so I can fuel my army of staff members. Can you imagine having those robots do all the hard work? Can you imagine having an investment firm with 100 people working for you without emotion, salary, vacation and demand for salary?

This is almost too good to be true and I’ll be monitoring them from a helicopter view and weed out the bad and keep the better ones. Performance optimization is key here and I’ll keep you all posted about my progress.

What Does The Future Hold?

I’m so excited about the new challenge that I simply can wait for months to pass by. If you look at my financial forecast 2020, you can see that in the beginning there are baby steps but along the way they grow and grow. I must grow 24,5% on a monthly basis to reach my goal and eventually my challenge. In the beginning, I can easily add to the principal because the amount is still low but I still need to buy some more software and computer stuff so I need to find ways to manage this.

Anyway, I hope you like what I’m doing and I hope you follow my blog, like me on Facebook, subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Twitter.

What do you think about my challenge? Have you ever thought about doing something like this? And do you have any suggestions?

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